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The Architecture of Fangirling

*because if it's not clearly male or female, it must be Rachel!*

the Rachel of DOOM MA
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This is the story of the Rachel of DOOM. Persons of a sensitive disposition, worried about the competency of teachers in state schools, disinterested in German literature and averse to Japanese media and video games should look away now.

Rachel's LiveJournal is currently Air Gear flavoured. Just because. Also, sometimes Rachel wears a beanie and pretends she looks like Kazu. What she actually looks like is the bastard love-child of Elijah Wood and Enya in a silly hat.

Currently reading: Charlie Brooker, G.W. Dahlquist
Currently playing: Persona 3: FES, PSU: Ambitions of the Illuminus, FFT: The War of the Lions
Currently writing: Magic&Sword is back! :D
Currently drawing: I have invented more new characters... >_<
Currently adoring: Holidays, okonomiyaki
Currently loathing: The fact that nothing on this earth will make The Last Remnant work properly
Currently needing: DISSIDIA. Why must I wait?!
Currently stalking: No-one right now. I must be ill.

And Maigraith hit Faelamor with a stick.
16th century spain, achmed the snake, agito/akito, air gear, alabama 3, alienation, ancient light, andorra, androgyny, angel sanctuary, antonio angelotti, apoc high, architecture of desire, arcia rinslet, ash: a secret history, azumanga daioh, baltazar casaubon, being obscure, black gel pens, bleach, blonde harlots, boushinigami, buchpiraten, calleigh duquesne, cantarella, chaos legion, charcoal, cheese, chris riddell, clay pigeon shooting, claymore, crisis core, csi, csi: miami, damien's unborn chicken emporium, darkfell, death note, devil may cry, die entführte prinzessin, doom, drawing, e nomine, e.t.a. hoffmann, eating books, edge chronicles, elric of melinboné, erementar gerad, eternal twilight, final fantasy ix, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, fujioka haruhi, gackt's voice, gender-bending, german, german exchange students, ghost in the shell, giant rats, gorgeous carat, grunts!, heinrich himmler, hellblazer, higuri you, hubert's hart, ichimaru gin, ilario, ishida uuryu, japanese, k j parker, kannazuki no miko, koudelka, kune kune pigs, kzarran stewards, l'âme immortelle, lost burgundy, lucifer, maria-sama ga miteru, marimite, mary corran, mary gentle, mary gentle's pig farm, mesh, micheal moorcock, mitarashi anko, nameless necromancers, nazgûl, ouran highschool host club, over zenith, paul stewart, pies, prince gaynor the damned, queer ringwraiths, quina quen, raistlin majere, ran of arcady, rats and gargoyles, reading, richard iii, ryuk, sakurazuka seishirou, satou sei, save the casaubon, sayonara zetsubou sensei, seimaden, shadow hearts, shinigami, shirow masamune, siedler, skat, slake-moths, snwod, south-katay, spiders, stalking, stand alone complex, staubfinger, stick insects, strangers in paradise, stroke the florianbat, sundial in a grave, sword of etheria, tenga toppa gurren lagan, terry pratchett, the boushin dance, the sims, throwing christians to lions, tintenwelt, tokyo babylon, tsuzuki asato, twentieth century german literature, unrequited love, vangelis, vast, verena stefan, vg cats, view from the mirror, vitus von campodios, walking dictionaries, writing, yami no matsuei, yuri hyuga, zack fair, zadei, zar-bettu-zekigal