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Here's something to add to my list of reasons I love being a teacher - SNOW.

In case the reason why is not immediately obvious, let us examine the last 12 hours of my life. At about 11pm last night, there was the slightest powdery suggestion of white on the ground which may or may not have been frost. At 6am this morning when I got up, there was about 5 centimetres of pristine white snow covering the 'field. At 6:35am, when I left the house, the overcast heavens were starting to release more snow. At 7:25am when I got off of the train and made my way to the bus stop it was less snowing, and more dropping solid chunks of white fluff out of the sky. At 7:30am a random woman who had just slogged her way up the hill from Ruislip bus station informed me that there were no buses, virtually no service on the tubes, and for all intents and purposes TFL had curled up and died in the cold. At 7:31am I called the Head of German who confirmed that the school was shut.

What are the ramifications of this? 1)Three day weekend. 2)Three day weekend. 3)No fucking ghastly teenage EBD child to avoid on bus. 4)Three day weekend. 5)Not having to teach Citizenship at all this week. 6)Not having to mark Year 9 books because I left them at school. 7)Three day weekend. 8)Missing my heaviest day.

I love London's inability to deal with snow.

Did I mention I now have a three day weekend?

Seriously, I haven't been able to stop grinning the whole way back from West Ruislip. I can see out of my bedroom window from here, and it looks like Magitek armour is about to start trotting across the landscape at any moment. It's that blizzardy-cold and snowy. :D

In other news that isn't really other news, not having to teach my form how to be good citizens pleases me greatly. I saw the exam papers that they took last Monday, and read the answers. Aside from the fact a worrying contingent of them think that taxes are a service provided by local councils (...wut?), the one that really got me was the question about marriage.

Name Two Different Kinds of Marriage You Have Learned About
Previously to my inherting them, the little Year 8 'darlings' had had several sessions about arranged marriages, legislation for gay marriages, and marriages in different cultures. Presumably, whoever wrote the exam wanted them to write something like "arranged marriage", "common-law marriage", "same-sex marriage", etc. Whoever wrote the exam clearly never met my form.

Female Student #1
1. Marriage
2. Divorce

Male Student #1
1. Forced marriage
2. Unforced marriage

Male Student #2
1. Happy marriage
2. Unhappy marriage

Male Student #3
1. Arranged marriage
2. Normal marriage

Male Student #4
1. Marriage where you love someone
2. Marriage where you use your husband for his money

I think this is the point where I express my concerns about the state of society and blame the parents for everything. And now, I'm off to enjoy my third day of weekend! >:D
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