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Further LOLage...

Woohoo, first day at school tomorrow! :D Everyone else I know who managed to start their NQT year a term before me (Pfft. French/Spanish teachers...) is not looking forward to it. Even though it seems that everyone has an INSET day. Bwhahaha. I am still very excited. I have just, in the height of sadness, made sure that my mp3 player is fully charged and ready for my commute.

I nearly called it "ridiculous" then, but realised that actually it's less of walk than Placement School 1 ever was and a shorter hike on the filthy ol' public transport, and well. Nothing can compare with the ultimate suckage that was my second School Placement in Solihul. That was truly SHIT.

Anyhoo, whilst double checking train times and hoping my Oyster card arrives tomorrow morning, I thought I'd do a meme.... >:D

In 2009, floria_del_guiz resolves to...
Find a better cheese.
Cut down on my stalking.
Become a better andorra.
Go to snwod every Sunday.
Apply for a new mesh.
Spend more time with my stick insects.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Cut down on stalking? Well, yes, that would be highly sensible, but dammit, if the Blonde Harlot is going to go and marry a man, then I shall damn well continue stalking Scarf-tan! XD

...also, my stick insects died. :( Perhaps I can get some more from the science department... >:D
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