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URGH. Today has not gone well. As a result of not-going-well-ness I have made absolutely zero progress with any of my planning for next week. Yes, it's next week now. HORRORS. I have made a list detailing everything I want to do with each of my classes for every lesson next week, I have remote access to school resources, I have textbooks galore, but I just have not quite been able to sit down and actually write a coherent lesson plan out and make the IWB resources for it.

In other news that doesn't involve me being a failure as a responsible adult, Hamlet was ace. In fact, I have a shrewd suspicion that the lack of David Tennant gurning madly throughout was a marked improvement. I was vaguely irritated by the woman who seemed to take five minutes to unwrap a sweet, however. And the woman behind me who suddenly made a ghastly noise as though she was re-routing the entire flow of mucas from her nose to the back of her throat. Or possibly vice-versa. Serious yuckies, anyway.

Oh, and I bought myself Devil May Cry 4 for Christmas. I have it for the PC, which is nice. I am not going to buy a PS3 until FFXIII makes its way over here. And since The Last Remnant apparently sucks, I now don't even need to feel even slightly tempted to get an Xbox. In your face, next-gen consoles.

Anyhoo. DMC4. It's pretty, I like it, and I'm finding it easier than the first one. I say this, because I am still stuck on the first one, despite having had it for a very long time. (That said, I'm still stuck on Kingdom Hearts, but then most people I know are still stuck in that fucking jungle. I mean, seriously. There is no escape from that place.) The controls are a lot more fluid, too. It gets win points from me.

And that's about enough from me today, or else I am going to break into a stream of maudlin angst about religious and gender bias in history and the media. To achieve the same effect in the comfort of your own home, go read something by either Naomi Wolf or Claudia Schoppmann. Or you could just have a much merrier evening and play a Capcom game and/or eat a delicious pie. Mmmm, pie.
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