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Japes with telesales people...

I am in my room, packing for what is now, in hindsight, an unfortunately timed trip. The phones rings. As I am half-expecting to be called at some point re: the somewhat terrifying interview I have on Monday, I answer the phone.

RACHEL: "Hello?"
TELESALES: "...hello."
R: "Hello?"
T: "Hello, thanks for answering the phone. How are you today?"
R: "...I have just had my leg amputated by a rabid wolverine."
T: "Well, don't worry, this isn't a soft sales call. I'm calling from *mumblemumble* Western *somethings*. If you could replace all the windows in your house, free of charge, how many would you replace?"
R: "Oh. Well. I don't have any windows. I live in a box."
T: " live in a box?"
R: "Yes, that's right. A box with no windows."
T: "Riiiight. Okay, thank you, buh-bye. *CLICK*"

I like the way it was the 'box with no windows' that made her hang up, not the 'leg amputated by a rabid wolverine'. I LoL'd.
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