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So, from Monday I will be teaching random French to primary school children, and unless I manage to get a full-time post teaching German for January, I will be teaching MORE French part-time in Cressex after Christmas.

This amuses and terrifies me, too.

So, yeah. German!Rachel - teacher of French.

In other news, I would pay good money to have Chris Riddell draw my comic strip ideas. I love that man's artwork. I am rereading the EDGE Chronicles in time-line order, and it has to be said that the TWIG trilogy is by far the most superior in terms of narrative, but the QUINT trilogy wins on artwork. I still fail to understand why they had to change the covers so that the awesome Riddell-ness was virtually eliminated. I mean, BLARGH. The original Curse of the Gloamgloazer cover was about a billion times better than the stupid new version. And, alas, I have the stupid new version just so my QUINT books all match.

I wanna be a sky pirate. Or a librarian knight. Somehow I have ended up being a peripatetic French teacher instead. Most puzzling!

Apropos French, just over three weeks until I go and see Wicked with Dawn! Woohooo! *happy dance*

-Sparkly!Nonvampire!FrenchTeacher!Rachel out!
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