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Immer noch nicht tot.

Soso, LiveJournal. I am still not dead.

Of course, I am still lacking interesting things to report. Since I chronicled my adventures during teacher training in cartoon form, I had no real need to write them down here. And now that I am distinctly lacking in the meaningful employment department, I still have nothing to write about.

Apart from possibly video games.

Or CSI: Miami.

Anyhoo, life in general should perk up soonish. I'm off to Woventry tomorrow for a friend's birthday party, which means I get to see the MFL people again, and then next weekend is the wedding of a friend from school (as in, when I was at school!). Should be fun.

I thought I'd be looking forward to popping back up to Woventry more than this, though. Maybe this is because I don't think I'm going to get to see Scarf-tan after all, which kinda makes the whole trip a little fail. Gah.

Actually, the 6th season of CSI: Miami is pretty cool so far. Its super-high levels of retardedness make it so. I love the way that Horatio is now apparantly now allowed to just shoot people. All the time. Without any consequences. And can teleport through space and time. Not even my ultra-cool sunglasses confer such powers on me.

Calleigh is also still ridiculous hawt. I hope the producers decide to kill off the stupid hare-lipped midget cop and finally let Calleigh and Boa Vista hook up. It makes sense in my head. ...I suppose Calleigh/Delko would also be acceptable.

Y'know, I think I shall go and watch more CSI now. Bwahaha.
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