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Es ist vorbei, vorbei, bei, byebye...

So. I are teh Newly Qualified Teacher.

That's... kind of weird. I think I'd feel more like "FEAR ME I AM TEACHER!" if I actually had a job for September, but still. I'm certainly not sad that my placement in Nightsoilihull is over.

What I shall miss are the other trainees on my course. I kind of figured, before I really got to know people that the kind of people who'd go straight onto a PGCE course from uni would be do-gooder types and boring geeky types. HAH. Wrong. There was Heike, so full of hate in such an awesome way; Anthony, the Woventry version of Johannes; Scarf-tan, of whom one of my earliest memories of is the both of us screaming with laughter at "Puke the Cat" a whole ten minutes after everyone else stopped and Ann wanted to continue the lecture; to name but a few.

I'm kind of bummed that the people I like the most are staying up here and I'm not. I think, if I'm honest, it would bother me much less if Scarf-tan wasn't going to be staying up here as well. It's almost as if I can't bear the thought that everyone else gets to see her and I won't. *sigh*


Focusing on the good stuff, though, the whole PGCE experience was pretty ace. It's kind of funny going back to some of the earlier stuff I've written and seeing how I referred to people before I got to know them. I think Woventry!Christof still works for Tim, though, and Woventry!Monika for Victoria, all though, to be fair, Monika never tried to drag me off and molest me, nor told the whole course that she has sex dreams about me. Good old Victoria. ><

Woventry!FrenchGirl was quite inspired for Fiona, although I can't believe I didn't notice in those first few days just how orange she is.

Oh, yeah, and I suppose I should say something about how teaching has made me into a more and responsible adult. ... It's made my teacher personality more responsible. teh Rachel, on the otherhand, is still as big a retard as ever. She must be, otherwise I would not have ended up being in what I fear might actually be love with a devoutly religious straight girl. OOOH RACHEL SO CLEVER.

"I can't imagine you in the classroom," said Andy on our graduation day. I explained that I don't go in the classroom. Frau G., my alter-ego does. Teaching is acting, only with more danger of death.

And one of these days, I am going to either refer to myself in the first person or the third person the whole way through and stop skipping about. But first, I am going to play Pokémon. Professor Rowan's assistant is called Dawn. This is funny on so, so many levels.
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