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Dark mutterings...

Today was fairly crap. The whiney faggots in the NUT being big giant lefty babies meant that Year 7 were given the day off, meaning that my ICT lesson with my most difficult class didn't happen. Which means that next Tuesday I'm going to get the usual "UUUUURRRR Miss, why aren't we going to the compyoootars!?"

Honestly, the accents some of the child in this school have. I occasionally cannot understand a single bloody thing they are saying, and I'm a languages teacher.

Also, I had a formal observation with the mental woman from the university. For once, Year 10 did not call me Steve. This was pleasing. I didn't feel the lesson went all that well, however, since it was the last period of the day and they were all a bit rowdy. Oh, and the blasted woman was late. She actually came into my lesson late, dragging my mentor (the usual class teacher) with her. And then had the nerve to mark me down on "start of lesson" on my observation form. The start of the lesson wasn't actually too bad, if you count the fact that a Year 10 boy was weeping outside of the classroom as I went outside to let them all in. ¬_¬

At least no-one ran out of the room. I had a great conversation with a Year 9 today:
"Hi, Miss!"
"Uh, hello!" *do I teach this child!?*
"Miss, are you teaching tomorrow?"
"Um, yes?"
"Are you teaching us?"
"Uh... yes? Wait, which class are you in again?"
"Year 9. French. Don't worry, I won't run out of the classroom again!"
"Oh good." Oo;;

This was in response to a lesson I observed with the Head of French. The child stormed out of the room and ran all the way down to the maths corridor. Muggins had to go after her and coax her back up the stairs. And then the class teacher shouted at her again, so she ran off a second time.

I take this set over next week, I think. Should be interesting...

Anyway. Bloody university observation. This woman is notorious for being odd toward Germanists. I went and hid in a cupboard after the lesson - "Just need to get my Professional Development Portfolio to show you!" - and sent a frantic text to the current unrequited angst object. This calmed me enough to return to the room. Then the oddness began. I threw a Sachiko Ogasawara, and my mentor had to go and bring me coffee to calm me down.

Honestly, though - why would you slate the German language to someone who teaches it?! And why would she start doing what employers and Other Univesities did and start making odd clucking noises about my Master's Degree? Bloody good thing I didn't mention my TEFL, or my class of undergraduate degree. Both my mentor and the Head of Department had to butt in a couple of times to correct what she was saying, and heap large gobbets of praise upon me.

Once I got away and found a bus to make the two hour journey back to Woventry I sent more SMSs out bemoaning my plight. Lengthy discussion with Scarf-tan followed. German friend simply came back with "Oh, scheiss auf Joan. She is insane." Scarf-tan gets points for being adorable. German!Heike gets points for making me laugh.

I'm quite highly strung at the moment, I feel. Friday night through Sunday morning will be spent applying pear cider to my the hideous wounds to my psyche. No Scarf-tan stalkage this weekend, however, which is sad-making. I have had quite a good run for stalking her this week, though, and that not even intentionally! :D

I need dinner now. Fatty foods also placate hysterical student teachers.
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