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[Zoku] Rachel-sensei

I went to my new school today.




I watched two teachers RAPE the German language. As in, hideous-tentacles-in-the-pooper-raep RAPE.


Other than that, the kids are really nice, and I have befriended the librarian. We had a nice chat about most-thieved children's authors. After we established that, no, I had never been to the school before. No, we had never met before. No, I had no idea why I should look familiar.

The other staff seem nice, too, but ARGH. I'm supposed to produce, execute and evaluate two CLIL lessons as part of the university requirements for passing my course and getting Qualified Teacher Status. I'm thinking if I just invent some, no-one'll ever know.


I can't wait to be teaching these kids. Someone needs to teach them non-raped German.


In other news, I spent my first school posting watching Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Now the second series has come out just in time for my second posting. This is somehow very appropriate.


I still cannot get over those lessons I watched. @_@


It's like raising beautiful, silky-haired cute twittering friendly little guinea pigs for years, then moving to Mexico and being handed a crispy ketchup-doused one on a stick.

Die arme, arme deutsche Sprache...
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