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Greetings, earthlings.

Hello, world. Just reminding you, as I infrequently do, that I have not dropped off of the face of the world. Yet, anyway...

At some point in November my life exploded into a high-speed adrenaline-fuelled swirl of madness which some might choose to describe as "teaching". It was great fun, I was well-fed, and apparently I'm pretty good at it; for a trainee, I know, but still. >:D

Then, I spent most of the Christmas holidays being ill. Go figure. Now I'm back in the diresputable student slums of Woventry, trying to figure out how to arrange carriage to Nightsoilhul for my next teaching practice.

Hmm. Anything else to report? I'm having a very odd week. Last night was ace, though. I may have to draw cartoons. XD Übrigens, the chronicles of my teacher training hijinx can be found in illustrated form in my Facebook album. Which would be a good reason for Johannes to get a Facebook now, wouldn't it? :P

... have run out of things to say now.
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