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What I Have Learned Since October...

So, the whole teaching malarky is still going well. Sort of. The bits where I actually am in a classroom with children are brilliant. Allow me to revise my previous statements about hating children. I like children fine, when they're contained within a school. I especially like them when they are giving their undivided attention.

In fact, teaching Year 10 on Tuesday was a bit like consuming a massive vat of sherbert. I was in a state of barely contained glee for the rest of the day because they actually listened to me, and did the work I gave them. And waited for me to dismiss them, instead of charging out of the room the minute the bell went.

And SCHOOL is a comprehensive.

I was in a brilliant mood until one of my university tutors came for her scheduled visit that afternoon, and chronicled for me the sheer insane amount of paperwork and log-keeping I have to produce and the myriad Herculean labours I must perform before Christmas. -_-

It's honestly dreadful. I actually don't understand how they expect people to write three Master's degree standard essays, produce several thousand words of extra-curricular assignments, charter their every waking second in school AND cope with the daily workload of a teacher.

Strangely, I don't feel particularly worried about doing all the work. The only thing that I do genuinely worry about is teaching a bad lesson. Or maybe forgetting that corporal punishment is a no-no and smacking a child over the head with a book. Some of them really do need smacking over the head with a book.

Anyway, workload. It pisses me off more than anything. I should actually be typing up a lesson observation right now, but I somehow got distracted. And I figure writing something will get me into a working-kinda mood. So will recounting some of the wisdom spending eight hours a day in school has granted me...

What I Learned in SCHOOL:
  • "Switzerland is odd. It likes to be odd. It's always odd."

  • TEACHER: "So who can tell me what we've learned about [French] nouns?"
    PUPIL: "That they can be masculine and femminine and it's confusing."

  • 'Fahrkarte' is not German for 'Go-Kart'. Nor 'driving licence'. XD

  • "Just put your hand up, and this will stop."

  • TEACHER: "What do we think the 'Low Countries' might be?"
    PUPIL: "Ireland!"

  • Nobody wants to teach the German word for 'kangeroo rat', but it appears to be in the Scheme of Work.

  • I also intend to start tallying the number of times I am asked if I am German, the number of times my class of Year 12s (all four of them) stare at me in fear, and the number of times a random child greets me in the corridor. So far the scores are 3, 13, 2. I love my Year 12 class. XD I think they're still shell-shocked by having to speak German to me...

    Actually, I think almost all of my classes are pretty cool*. I know some of their names already. ... Yeah, the four sixth formers, plus the naughty ones and the spods in the lower years. Actually, in my Year 10 class, the naughty ones are the spods. XD

    *The exceptions being my Year 7 Mongoloids and the Year 8 form I'm attatched to. Year 8 form has the crazy "Miss why you followin' me!?" girl in it... Hideous. >_<

    Anyway, wittered enough. Time to cook me some foodz now. My cooking can't compare to the wonders that are school dinners, but still. And yes, I meant that seriously. School dinners are THE BEST THING EVER. And not just because I'm fed for free. EVERYTHING has melted cheese on/in it. ... Everything that I choose to eat, anyway.

    Now I'm really hungry. So much for writing that lesson evaluation...
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