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Agitated Screams of Rachels

Wazzzaaap. Since last I wrote, I have learned that whilst lesson planning by itself isn't too dreadfully problematic, transcribing one's lesson plan to the university's fiendishly complex and somewhat soul-destroying pro-forma lesson plan sheet IS.

I have been a little cranky the last couple of days because of this. ¬_¬ Apparently I am expected to plan all of my lessons using this hateful pro-forma. I would really rather not. Or, at least, I would rather use a simplified one that doesn't have seventy million boxes to be filled in.

That aside, I enjoyed a very restful half-term week. Well, 'restful' is a subjective term, but what wasn't spent in Woventry's take on the Chamber of Hatred fruitlessly searching for reference books published more recently than 2001, was either spent in the presence of people and drinks, or back home in the South.

It was at home I finally got to play my copy of Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It took me a while to get used to the fact that it is, essentially, a side-scrolling game. In fact, it's a whole lot like the version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons I used to play on my Dad's Intellivision console. Only PRETTY. OH SO SQUEENIXLY PRETTY. And the actual battle encounters work a lot more like a glitchier version of FFXII, but still.

So far - and I only don't think I've had more than twelve hours of play - I'm enjoying it, despite the slight oddness of playing sideways on. The English voice-overs occasionally grate, but on the otherhand knowing that the Japanese voice for Silmeria is Noda from Nodame Cantabile might just have given me the giggle fits at in appropriate moments.

It's a very, very pretty game, though. Okay, Lezard is very, very pretty. And Lezard must always be in my party at all times, even when mages are useless. If I ever get tired of my Marimite LJ-theme, I might have a Lezard one.

Back to reality, aka teaching, I'm still loving SCHOOL. On Monday I will be teaching my first lesson, which is Year 12 German conversation. Huzzah! :D This is not, by the way, the lesson plan which sent me into such a frenzy. That lesson plan is for Wednesday, and has nothing to do with SCHOOL, but rather a Year 9 Convention that the university has scheduled.

The idea of this is that a tonne of Year 9 kids (Hahhah... got told off for calling them 'kids' in my lesson plan. XP ) are shipped into Woventry uni and my fellow teacher trainees and I gabble away in foreign at them until they relent and agree to do languages for GCSE.

Wow. Just thinking about that reminds me how tired I am. And how hungry. Time for some FOODS methinks!
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